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AA228/CS238 Decision Making under Uncertainty

Quiz Policy

Preamble that will appear at the top of each quiz

Quizzes will be taken on Gradescope. You may consult any material (e.g., books, calculators, computer programs, and online resources), but you may not consult other people inside or outside of the class or large language models like ChatGPT. The quiz is designed to be completed in XX minutes, but we will grant you YY minutes total to complete and submit your quiz (including uploading any images, handling any logistical issues, etc.). The timing on Gradescope is a hard cutoff. You can start at 5pm Pacific time on Thursday. The quizzes will be open until 5pm Pacific time on Friday to accommodate those in other time zones and complex working situations. Ed will not allow any public posts during that time. Partial credit may be awarded based on work shown. You can upload either a file or give a response in the free response field (latex is possible using two $ signs). If you upload a file, only submit a pdf or image file. Please do not include identifying information as the exam is graded anonymously. Out of fairness to all students, only material submitted during the allowed time will be graded.

As a reminder, all questions are equally weighted. Some questions will take longer than others. Feel free to answer the questions in any order you like.